About Us

Who is George?




It all began in 1987 when a young man got the dream to come to America. Although he had no English and no skills to survive in the United States, he, Mehmet Akyar wanted to go to the United States. A man by the name of George Johnston aka Papa gave him that chance to come to the US. Boarding an airplane, Mehmet took off leaving his home in Bergama, Izmir, Turkey, and heading to the US.

Mehmet landed in Key Largo, FL

He was met by Papa and his wife Peggy. They took him into their home and introduced him to the US. After staying there a few months, they moved him up to the New England states where Papa had some friends that could teach Mehmet some English and a skill to make it easier for him in the US.

Mehmet made friends in the New England states

Due to the fact that Mehmet is a bit hard to pronounce the people up North decided to call him “George” from that moment on he has been known as George. While in Vermont and New Hampshire, George learned the skills of working in Pizza shops and eventually became partners with a gentleman by the name of Spiro where he co- owned a business providing pizzas and subs. George stayed there until he decided that the cold weather was just not his “cup of tea”, so he headed south to seek a warmer climate.

This is where the George that we all know here in Oxford began

In September of 1999, George came here and bought a business that was located in the Old Pizza hut building on Industry Drive. He name it Oxford Village Pizza and Subs Family Restaurant. Through some hard times and some definite changes he has made this business a success. This business has gone through so many changes with the first real major change happening in April 2006. By adding on to the original building 1500 sq. ft., he added what is now known as the TV room where special parties and events are held. He extended the kitchen and prep stations which was a needed addition.

George’s was born

Oxford Village Pizza and Subs Family Restaurant has gone through multiple changes over the years since George opened up in 1999, he decided that the name was too long that everyone that entered into the doors of the restaurant said that they were going to “George’s” so back in 2010 he changed the restaurant to “George’s”.

How we’ve grown with Oxford

The restaurant was doing well but George was still not satisfied, he had to complete one more task, he had to make one more addition to “George’s” he built the Bar area in November 2011.

Our legacy in Oxford…

From the moment George came to Oxford, he has providing good food and customer service to the people that enter into the building. He offers a variety of foods such as pizzas, pasta, subs, salads, beef entrees, fish entrees, chicken entrees, homemade desserts and now he offers a full bar. George has made it his goal to offer something for everyone.

About Us

20th Anniversary






Our commitment to Oxford and our legacy has reached the 20th Anniversary milestone and continues…

Our family story and passion for delicious scratch-made food is over two decades long.

After our founding in 1999 and continued years of success, our legacy has crossed to the next generation of the family. We are proud to carry on what George has started and we work every day to live up to the landmark that we have become in Oxford.

Our restaurant always felt like a second home to us and we want you be able to feel that through the quality and warmth of our food. We’re honored for you to have a seat at our table.



We treat people how we like to be treated: with kindness, courtesy and politeness. Encourage others to share their feedback or ideas. Actively listen to others. Never interrupt or put in your two cents before they're finished.


From the moment you enter our restaurant we employ a full service staff to meet your needs and do our best to exceed your expectations.


Every day we do our best to provide an environment for customers to be able to fully relax and experience the great tastes of our food. Our doors are open to everyone to have a seat at our table as an extension of their own.



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